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Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Shepherd’s Flock Preschool

1215 Redwood Street, Onalaska, WI  54650

608-781-9445  ~

What you will need to register your child;

$50.00 non-refundable registration fee & we will need to see a Birth Certificate.

Multi-Age Class for 2016 – 2017

3-4-5 year old children (all children must be 3 years old when they attend class)

Afternoon class now open!  M-W-Th 12:45-3:15 pm
*Families have the choice of 2 or 3 days per week.
*Families that are registering a 4/5 year old may have an option for their child to attend Tuesday am - a class created just for "olders" with more academic choices.

2 day class: M & Th tuition is $90/month.
3 day class: M, W, & Th tution is $105/month.

4 day class: M, W, & Th afternoons, plus Tuesday am, tuition is $120/month.

Our Multi-Age class will provide many meaningful hands-on learning opportunities for children to explore and discover the world around them, through play, exploration, teacher-directed and child-directed activities all within a loving Christian, caring environment.

Tuesday the day for “Olders”, we will offer your child all the readiness skills needed to be successful in kindergarten.

We will guide and help all the children grow from dependent to independent learners. We will nurture each child as an individual and be aware of their readiness levels.


Summer Camps2016 ------ Cost is $45.00 for each camp!

Week #1 Camp – Color & Tye Dye Fun is June 13-14-15-16

Week #2 Camp – Wild & Wet Water Fun is June 20-21-22-23

All camps are 4 days Monday – Thursday – 9:00 – 11:30

Each camp will provide a camp like atmosphere and will offer science & art activities.


Our preschool has a wonderful “Scholarship” program for families that fall into our income requirements.

Please ask for more information.

We are excited to be offering a new program this year. We will be implementing a “MULTI-AGE” Preschool. We are very accustomed to this type of program, as we have offered it for over 15 years in our Summer School programs. Our Summer School program has many advantages by being a Multi-Age grouping.  First and foremost, the biggest benefit to a multi-age approach is the establishment of pro-social behavior.  Children that participate in a classroom of mixed ages develop attitudes of caring, sharing, and helping. It allows the "Youngers" to learn by observing “Olders, the “Youngers” adjust much faster and gain confidence at a quicker rate.

I have witnessed the cooperative attitude of students, the peer tutoring that happens naturally and frequently, and the joy expressed by the children. I believe that this is a more powerful and respectful way to teach children rather than sorting them into age groups that places them in a more competitive situation. I also feel that a

Multi-Age class has a more rounded social interaction and is a better self-motivator, cooperation is felt sooner, and attitudes toward school and others is heightened. 

Please note: We will divide the children into “Youngers” and “Olders” to do some of our activities that are better served in their own age group. There will always be 2 teachers in the Multi-Age classroom. Unless our class size is very low. 

I may repeat many of my points but I feel saying things in a different way may help you to understand. 

Multi-Age Benefits: (please talk to us about any questions and concerns you may have)

Social and Educational benefits:

·         Behavioral problems are not as extreme in the older children when younger children are around. There is decreased shouting and loud noises.

·         For the younger children, constant exposure to older children talking, counting, singing songs, and listening to stories is extremely beneficial.

·         Older children can benefit by being around the younger children. They often take great pleasure in the accomplishments of the younger children. Again, it encourages pride and caring and sharing for others.

·         Older Children gain more leadership opportunities and frequently build self-esteem as a role model to the younger class mates. Younger children aspire to do work like the older children in the class. Much like in a family setting.

·         The opportunity for a child to be taught by the same teacher(s) for 2 years, creating a stronger relationship and helps them gain a stronger confidence level in themselves.

·         Because so much of educational concepts are taught by the child’s ability, teachers will be aware of individual student’s capabilities – they must think of each child as an individual.

·         Many think that the best way for a child to learn is through children interacting with children both younger and older than themselves, creating good examples for cognitive and behavior.

·         Many feel that the OLDER children have the benefit of developing leadership positions within the class community and reflecting on their academic progress as they revisit basic concepts with their younger classmates.

·         Youngers learn and gain confidence at a much faster pace.

·         Many feel that a Multi-Age setting for preschoolers is a win-win situation for all of the children.

If you have any questions about this new program, please feel free to contact me.

Debbye Antoni
Shepherd’s Flock Preschool Director